Annual Shobu Ippon Tournament

CSKA trophies

May 2nd 2020

Dear Instructor:

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you and your students to our Annual Shobu Ippon Tournament.

This year’s event will be held at Midsun Community Association on May 2nd 2020. Please have your competitors fill out the attached entry sheets and return them to me before April 19,  at:

CSKA Honbu Dojo

6036 3rd Street SW

Calgary, Alberta

T2H 2B9

emailed to


We are looking forward to a very exciting competition.

Rules as usual are JKA Ippon Shobu. Rules available upon request. Qualified judges from all styles are welcome. So if you or any of your members are certified please let me know we can certainly use you.


Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Yours truly,

John Hanratty


Head Instructor

Vice President

Technical chairman


Download PDF: CSKA Tournament Package 2020