Traditional Training for the Serious Student

Little Tigers

From 4 - ~8 years old, the Little Tigers class is perfect for children to learn body dynamics and control through fun and engaging exercises based on Shotokan training.


From 8 - 80 years old, from white to black belt, the beginner class is built around the fundamental applications of Karate through the traditional forms of Kihon, Kata, and Kumite.


Opportunities for team training at local, national, and international level competition. Advanced instruction on the deeper level and meaning of Shotokan Karate and greater body fundamentals to increase speed and power.


Shi-Ku-Kai Karate

Sensei Yamaguchi Toru, a former member of the Japan Karate Association and third place Kumite winner in the fourth JKA All-Japan Championships in 1960 provided the name for our Dojo, Shi-Ku-Kai during a Karate¬† seminar in Calgary in the mid-1980’s. Sensei Yamaguchi felt this named suited the club due to it’s strong spirit and character. Roughly translated, Shi-Ku-Kai means “Club of High Ambition or Strong Heart”

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How We Train


Kihon means “basics”. In Karate, these basics consist of punches, kicks, blocks and stances. Constant practice of the various techniques creates a strong foundation for our Karate. The refinement of the basic techniques is the very essence of our training.


Kata means “form”. Katas are predetermined sequences of movement and represent a stylised fight against an imaginary opponent. Kata training includes the elements of direction, technique, speed, power and rhythm. By practising katas, movement patterns are memorised that are used in kumite or self-defence.


Kumite means “partner work” or “sparring”. The term “partner” is chosen deliberately and not “opponent”. In partner work, prepared exercises are trained that help to get used to and practise the use of different punches, kicks, blocks and thrusts, with the ultimate aim to utilize the techniques against an uncontrolled non-compliant partner.

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